Foundation For Global Harmony- Chicago Volunteer Group

Connecting Hearts All Around the World

Foundation for Global Harmony- Chicago Volunteer Group Supports the works of H.H. Gayuna Cealo and his charity activities.

We begin by sharing our heart to heart connection with you. 

We hope that together we can grow more peace with in and then expand it to the whole world.

FGH-USA is a NPO dedicated to bringing harmony to the planet in two main ways.

1.  Helping bring material independence to people in Third World Countries by creating job opportunities, education, donating food, clothing, medical supplies, education, and inspiration in Myanmar, Cambodia, and Sri Lanka.  It is more than just a giving of donations, but a sharing of heart.  For more information on FGH-USA and H.H. Cealo please visit

2.  By increasing the prosperity of heart in materially abundant countries like America and Japan.  Prosperity of heart is created by joyfully participating in numerous charitable activities, group meditations, Cealo's way of Direct Action, as well as having a private session with H.H. Cealo. 

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Please join us in creating Peace!



 We meet once a month to go over all the details of up coming events, how to participate, and finish with a brief meditation.  For more information please contact us at:

The Foundation for Global Harmony, U.S.A.

818 Lake Street Evanston, IL 60201